Graham Leonard King


After studying at Cardiff College of Art, Graham Leonard King embarked on a successful career in advertising, culminating as Creative Director for several leading agencies in the Midlands. Now painting full- time, his main interest is in landscape, producing both real and enhanced images using material gathered from various locations to construct the composition.

Livestock are often introduced as a focal element, giving the work a quintessential English quality. He regularly exhibits at the RBSA and has also shown work in the Midlands Open at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery and in the Derby City Open at the Derby City Museum.

His larger works are produced in acrylics on wooden panel. This support provides a rigid surface that enables a variety of techniques to be employed, from the lightness of watercolour to the impasto application of oils. It is this combination of subject matter and surface treatment that fuels his passion for the visual and drives his desire to create.