Ella Oakley


Ella Oakley's practice examines the relationship between the maternal bond and separation, metaphorically representing this connection in the form of hand constructed woven or knitted textiles, combined and embodied in plaster.

The two materials merge, but neither engulfs one another. The plaster forms evolve from the scientific, rigid dynamic pieces on the handmade metal plinths, to the natural irregular ovoid that is birthed onto the floor. Oakley creates some of the wool material pieces with her mother, as knitting is a hobby they both share. The cuboid, flat sculptures situated on metal plinths, were made by a plaster cast process.

The artist bridged the gap between this male orientated minimalism and the feminine maternal form with the physical contact and dripping surface of the ground level pieces. Her works are emotive and corporeal, representing the nature of the female human body with the abject.

Ella is a fine-art-textile and sculpture-based artist who works with chunky knit wool and weaving. She has a successful Etsy shop where she sells knitted and woven accessories, clothes and creations. In 2019 she graduated from Birmingham City University; Birmingham School of Art with a BA in Fine Art in 2019. She went on to study a Masters in Arts and Project Management and successfully graduated with a distinction in 2020.