David Walton


The sign of three white chevrons against a black background, which warns drivers of a dangerous bend ahead; those clear, decisive hard-edge shapes which could have been painted by Ellsworth Kelly or Frank Stella, or equally, the forceful black and white abstract patterned tribal plank-masks from Burkina Faso, are what interests and excites David Walton.

In 2019, David Walton attempted to marry politics and abstraction in a site-specific sculpture which he entitled, Sarajevo 92-96. For some time, Walton has explored, through the geometry of tessellation, non-representational imagery with works which form nets, as in Jazz (2019), or as single units. He continues to explore shape relationships and reciprocity in a series of abstract panels, such as Upupa Epops (2020). In January 2021 he worked on three panel paintings (the Rose Series) for Derby Royal Hospital, and the Unity Exhibition. David is also committed to both portrait and life drawing.