Bob Sparham


Bob Sparham trained as a Graphic Designer at Southend College of Art and returned to study Art and Design History at Cambridge College of Art and Middlesex University.

He taught critical studies in art schools up to retirement when he returned to printmaking - especially relief printing in the linocut and woodcut mediums using a technique called rainbow rolling. His prints are influenced by his love of Japanese prints, the Colour Beginning sketchbooks of William Turner, German Expressionist Prints and his interest in the theories of E H Gombrich, particularly in what he called the ‘beholders share’ - the contribution a viewer makes to understanding and constructing an image in their visual imaginations.

He has taken part in exhibitions in the Nottingham Castle, and Derby Opens, the Angel Row Gallery, the Thorsby Gallery and at the Harley Gallery, and was a prize winner in the RSBA Biennial Print exhibition.