Bernard Moore


Bernie Moore’s 500 mile Camino trek across northern Spain, changed his life, and his personal aesthetic. He found solace in distance walking, and tries to capture those fascinating ‘moments,’ when he comes across close natural wonderments, calling them ‘immediate transient experiences.’

He says’ he gets a strange mystical sense of pleasure, an excited uneasiness, when walking alone in the remote Welsh hills, where he can connect with something profound and meditative, and see beauty in simplicity.

His current work, ‘perceptions of transient immediacy’ looks at ways of expressing his perception of ‘the moment,’ the immediate realization of encountering the unexpected, and the apparent excitable moveable space, perceived within closed surroundings, often seen in natural sculptures.

Aesthetic preferences are mainly line, and texture, and the accidental irregular edges created from previous brush marks. These edges are his workable boundary between representation and abstraction, and once enhanced suggest something beyond reality, and adds to a sense of heightened aesthetic.

Walking the Camino felt he had been through a physical and mental washing machine, enabling him to see things differently, and sees this change in personal aesthetic as another positive step in his artistic development.

Bernie is an award-winning figurative painter based at the Side Door Studio, Shropshire, graduating with a first- class honours degree in fine art, a degree in art history, and a Master of Education. He Studied Realist Painting with the Scottsdale School of Art, Arizona, and is a winner of the RBSA national first prize and GMC award. He taught art in schools, colleges, and at university, before turning to painting professionally. He is supported by The Imagine Gallery, Long Melford, Suffolk, exhibited with the Bridgegate Gallery, Battersea, London, and is known for his large paintings of Breton dancers, many of which are held in private collections.