Annette Lucas


Annette Lucas has worked with fabric, threads and mixed media for many years as a textile fine artist. Her work still has this focus but during the 2020 pandemic and the challenges that the lockdown restrictions brought with it, her focus shifted.

She found inspiration in her garden and around her local green spaces but also saw an opportunity to get back to basics and decided to re-visit drawing and refresh her drawing skills.

Annette is currently working on a series of drawings using soft pencils in the range of B through to 5B. Working with soft, thick graphite pencils and sticks combined with fine line mechanical pencils for detail on cartridge paper.

Her inspiration for this series of drawings are the animals that share her home and those who live with family members. She intends to develop this series of work and concentrating on drawing. Alongside this, Lucas is developing a range of small, textile pieces exploring the formal elements that are so important to creative practice by re-visiting line, form, colour, texture and pattern.