Angela Dooley


After completing a Foundation course at Canterbury Art College, Angela Dooley graduated in Fine Art, Painting and Sculpture from Portsmouth College of Art. A post graduate teaching year followed in Birmingham and she commenced a teaching career which spanned 37 years mainly as Head of the Art Department.  

During those teaching years Dooley had a solo exhibition in Furze Bank Community Centre Willenhall, entitled, ‘Industrial Waterways' which featured paintings of Round Oak and Bilston Steel works. 

Retirement has allowed Dooley to devote much more time to painting and develop ideas and themes. She mainly works in watercolour and acrylics, choosing a wide range of subjects for inspiration, initially trying to capture and develop studies of atmospheric light, shade and spatial depth in land and city scapes. The images created by trees, water and the modern city landscape have all been a source of inspiration. 

Some of her most recent work has been inspired by the reflections created by the city landscape, distorting old and new buildings in intricate changing patterns, providing an embellishment and view; not predicted at the time of construction.