Andrew Kinmount


Andrew Kinmont has an overwhelming urge to create. This drive comes from deep within as he feels the need to explore and find something to say and to have his own individual voice. As humans we have evolved from nature and therefore have a deeply ingrained physical and spiritual connection with it.

He creates paintings as a response to his own experiences of landscape. In these places of solitude, Kinmont finds tranquillity and a level of contentment that comes from being alone with his own thoughts, memories and dreams. He constantly experiments with a range of techniques to evoke the raw experiences of nature. He goes for walks with his sketchbooks and camera and returns to the studio to work from these images, memories and feelings.

Kinmont likes to alter things constantly in his paintings - like nature itself has a continual state of change. He works on several paintings at the same time, constantly refining them or letting them rest whilst he decides what further work is needed. The resultant paintings are as much about his feelings and the atmosphere of a place as they are about how it looks. As a result, they are not always ‘realistic’ and can be quite abstract. This is important as it allows viewers to bring their own interpretation and experience to the work.