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Rosalind Stoddart

Textile Artist

Using her own alpaca fleece is always the starting point to Ros's work and combining colours is one of the main features of her art. As all her alpacas are white, this gives Rosalind the wonderful opportunity for dyeing the fleece and she particularly enjoys exploring natural dyes from plants she grows specially for that purpose and from other wild plants in her garden. She says she loves everything about her work, from the gentle curious nature of the alpacas, the smell of the freshly-sheared fleeces, and each of the different processes right through to the finished piece of art work. Working with material ‘from field to studio’, Rosalind says ‘it connects me more deeply to my immediate environment and helps give my practice a sustainable approach’. Having only five alpacas, Rosalind’s collections are all limited editions and every piece is unique. If you would like to know more, please visit her website


Her designs are usually refined down to what might appear at first glance simple, but come from a deep process of observing, questioning and engaging in things that fascinate her – the natural world and certain manmade things such as Romanesque architecture.

Materials and process

Her art is a combination of felting, weaving and stitching and at present she is making beautiful cushions and wall hangings. Often all three techniques are incorporated into one piece of work using the weaving like a canvas as a painter would – she originally trained as a painter. Each piece takes a long time to make because there are so many processes to work through. Even the insides of the cushions are handmade and filled with alpaca fleece and every item is so full of natural softness.