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Patrick O’Donohue

Potter/ Ceramic Artist

Patrick O’Donohue has over 30 years experience as a Ceramic Artist and currently makes individual, pottery and handmade pieces. His wheel thrown work is mostly decorative and intended for display. He also makes ceramic paintings for display as wall plaques or framed works.


Patrick is inspired by landscape, skyscapes and the changing weather which he interprets in his own distinct and abstract style. His influences include Japanese pottery, Chinese ink painting and abstract expressionist painting.

Materials and process

With a BA(hons) degree in Ceramics and Masters degree in Art and Design, Patrick loves drawing and painting as a starting point for his ceramic work. He enjoys the technical processes of working in ceramics and exploits the unique qualities of clays, metal oxides and glazes in order to produce individual work. As a potter, Patrick is passionate about throwing as a process to explore and refine subtle forms that create an elegant canvas for his abstract painterly designs.