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Mizuki Takahashi

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Mizuki Takahashi

Contemporary Jewellery Artist

Mizuki is an award winning contemporary jewellery artist, who is currently based in Worcestershire.


Alongside jewellery making, Mizuki spends time building ideas and designs in sketch books and making paper samples. She finds these practices feed her simple yet delicate sculptural jewellery design ideas.

Mizuki believes playing with paper is the ideal practice to nurture existing ideas or getting new ideas without technical barriers

Materials and process

Mark-making is a simple practice of different lines, dots, patterns and textures. These marks are sometimes collected from sketchbooks, the photographs she has taken, or marks found in daily life. She enjoys this practice in enamelling as it is both controllable and non-controllable on the enamelled surface, which also differs from the firing time and kiln temperature.

Mizuki designs oxidised black silver fastenings for each enamelled element to make then interact and respond to each other.