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Ella Oakley

Fine-Art Textile Artist

Ella Oakley is a fine-art textile artist from Surrey and based in Birmingham. Ella graduated from her Masters in 2020 and has worked as Exhibitions Coordinator for the RBSA Gallery since 2019. She was nominated Next Wave Associateship in 2019.


Ella’s knitted inspirations began on her BA Fine Art course where she created super chunky wool and plaster sculptures. She then went on to create ella made it during the November COVID lockdown as wanted to create a sellable and wearable product from her wool. Ella has always been interested in creating a small business after the success of her handmade clothes that she sells online.

Materials and process

Ella knits and crochets chunky knit headbands, scarves, cardigans and handbags as well crochet and weaving accessories. She believes her chunky wool products are unique and are statement pieces and she enjoys taking the time to carefully create each bespoke item. All her products are vegan and cruelty free friendly.