Current exhibitions

RBSA Prize Exhibition 2020
8 October - 21 November
Galleries 1 & 2 and online

The RBSA stages an annual Prize exhibition to support artists, providing an opportunity for artists to show their artwork and be rewarded for their talents.

George Jackson ARBSA, Three Different Approaches to Firing
20 October - 16 January
Ground Floor Gallery & Online

George Jackson builds functional and sculptural ceramics using a range of firing processes. Demonstrating earthenware and Raku ware techniques, these works show strong contrasts between carbonised surfaces and raw clay.

Upcoming exhibitions

Clare Pentlow NWA
5 November - 16 January

Clare Pentlow challenges the perceptions of paper by turning flat sheets into highly-detailed pieces of art. Through precision hand cutting and folding, Clare methodically evolves each piece by building up layers of paper, an approach rooted in her love of maths, science and patterns in nature.

Stephanie Redfern RBSA
5 November - 16 January

Stephanie Redfern's work is based on the natural world, combining her background in ceramics with textiles. Printing many of her own fabrics, Stephanie constructs work using collage techniques, machine and hand stitch.