Eric Gaskell ARBSA

22 January - 12 April

About the exhibition

In 2004, Eric Gaskell was commissioned by Paul Higson (a canal enthusiast and friend) to produce a series of work to exhibit on a stand at the National Indoor Arena. Gaskell made a set of four, small linocuts, sized to be small enough to easily hang on a narrowboat. They were well received by the NIA visitors.

Several years later Higson asked why he had not made more which is when Gaskell began to develop the series in earnest. Over the following years he travelled across the canal network, from north to south filling many drawing books with sketches and ideas. To maintain a consistency across all the linocuts they were all made the same size. Although this became quite a limitation, (attempting to “fit” the views and ideas into the same vertical shape), it contributed to the creation of interesting designs.

When he had completed 35, he decided to make them into a book. He asked Higson if he could write a brief historical overview for each image. They also enlisted Tony Lewery (an old friend and well-known writer and artist of the canal world) to write the foreword. Gaskell continued to make more of the small linocuts and now there are 41 in total and the book grew with them.

These small black and white linocuts spawned a whole oeuvre of new work, both larger, coloured linocuts and paintings made around the canal network. To the extent that Gaskell became known as a canal artist.

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