Sixth form and College

The RBSA Gallery has a range of Members and Associates who lead our workshops, many with teaching experience at Primary, Secondary and College level. We can cater for Key Stages 3 (years 7-9, aged 11-14) and 4 (years 10-11, aged 14-16). We are particularly experienced in delivering in workshops or projects to groups in years 9 and above. This is due to our ability to deliver high quality, in-depth workshops that teach the necessary skills and techniques to students considering or studying art as an exam subject.

The RBSA Gallery also run funded and tailored projects for college groups and young people outside of education.

Funded Workshops/Projects:

The RBSA Gallery regularly apply for funding towards education workshops and projects. Funded projects are free or have reduced fees. To enquire about the current or future funded opportunities available please contact Natalie Osborne via

Previously Funded Projects:

1) Heritage Lottery Fund. Exploring the Lines Family with the RBSA (2008-2011)

Thanks to the support from the Heritage Lottery Fund, the RBSA Gallery held an exhibition of works from its Permanent Collection, Rediscovering the Lines Family, from 30 April to 23 May 2009. This exhibition was a collection of drawings by the sons of Samuel Lines, a founder of the RBSA and one of Birmingham’s most highly regarded drawing masters of the nineteenth century.

Alongside the exhibition, funding was also  awarded to run a series of  free drawing and printing workshops for schools within the local area. These aimed to engage young people with their local art history, help them enjoy the works and demonstrate how the study of heritage works can support their art practice. The workshops also helped each young person to learn art skills through making their own works based on drawings from the exhibition Rediscovering the Lines Family.

For examples of  the types of workshop delivered please click the links on the right.

2) Heritage Lottery Fund Young Roots Scheme. William John Wainwright and the RBSA Gallery (2011)

Thanks to support from the Heritage Lottery Fund Young Roots Scheme, the RBSA Gallery held an exhibition of works by the artist William John Wainwright and some of his contemporaries: Birmingham Artist William John Wainwright (1855-1931): Characters and Costumes. The exhibition was curated by the Archive Team of Volunteers and included local university and sixth form students.

Alongside the exhibition, funding was also awarded to deliver a three session workshop to two secondary schools and a single workshop to a third secondary school. The three sessions included two gallery visits and an activity based at the schools. They explored the exhibition, work of Wainwright, his role in the history and heritage of the RBSA and Birmingham and the genre of portraiture. Each student completed a study pack and produced their own portrait drawings, dry points and collages. The single workshop enabled a group of Gifted and Talented students to act as 'Curators for the day' in order to experience what is involved in researching, selecting, hanging, interpreting and marketing an exhibition.

Tailored workshops

With such a range of artists to choose from within the society, the RBSA Gallery also offers fee paying workshops or projects designed to meet your needs and requirements. We have recently delivered drawing, textile and ceramic workshops to a range of primary and secondary school groups at both the Gallery and local school sites. These can be delivered throughout the year at the Gallery or at your college. The RBSA Gallery are happy to provide workshop outlines and risk assessments for all workshops.

Volunteer roles


1) Young Persons Archive Internship

Each year the RBSA Gallery recruit 2 undergraduate and 2 sixth-from students to volunteer within the Archive. Each Archive Intern plays an essential role within and is given a variety of group and individual roles, including:

  • Researching and documenting the Archive and Permanent Collection
  • Answering enquiries
  • Curating an exhibition of works from the Permanent Collection
  • Planning and producing all relevant exhibition, interpretation, event and marketing material for the exhibition

The Young Persons Archive Internship is a great opportunity for students interested in pursuing an academic career or working in a gallery, library, archive or education. The range of challenging and highly rewarding roles and responsibilities that it provides gives successful candidates valuable and essential work experience.

The internship application dates are posted on our website each year. For more information about the Archive and Permanent Collection, please see the ‘Collection and Archive’ section of the website. If you have any questions or queries about applying, please contact the Gallery on

2) RBSA Young Persons’ Representative Group (for ages 14-18)

The RBSA Gallery has just launched a Young Persons Representative Group to help engage local young people with the Gallery and help us better provide for the needs and interests of this group. Young Reps will have a variety of roles and responsibilities, including:

  • Quarterly focus group meetings to provide feedback about exhibitions, events, interpretation and marketing.
  • Promoting RBSA Gallery exhibitions and events to their school/college/peers
  • Helping with education and marketing by writing short articles about exhibitions, events or a relevant subject of their choosing.

Being a RBSA Young Persons representative is a great opportunity. The roles fit well around studies and part-time work whilst giving a good insight into the workings of an art society and gallery. It provides an easy way to play an active role in your local community and will help improve arts facilities for young people. Each individual will receive a certificate and reference to record their contribution, making it a fun and interesting way to add to your CV.