Regulations and booking information

Exhibitions at the RBSA Gallery remain open to the public during workshops. In order to ensure there is enough space for workshops and visitors, and that the environment complies with health and safety regulations, the RBSA has to apply the following guidelines to all workshops delivered on site.

Class size

Maximum of 15 students per floor. Classes of between 30 and 35 students can be divided into 2 groups (one half on gallery floor 1 and the other on gallery floor 2).

School staff

Each group must be accompanied by their class teacher and a teaching assistant/support teacher.

Eating/ drinking

Food and drink can be consumed in the cafe area but not within exhibition spaces.

Standard workshop time plan

When booking a workshop, a minimum of 3 weeks is required to design and prepare a tailored workshop. A standard workshop runs from 9:30am to 11:30am, with a short toilet/drink break. However, we are happy to organise afternoon/longer/full day workshops upon request.


The fee for a workshop/project depends on:

  • Number of tutors involved
  • Cost of materials (these can be supplied by the school/college, tutor or RBSA)
  • Length of workshop

Please note that costs will vary depending on your requirements. Please contact the RBSA Gallery for a quote.

Booking information

To make an enquiry or book a place, please contact Natalie on 0121 236 4353 or

Please note
- A valid student ID must be provided to receive a student discount.
- The RBSA Gallery reserve the right to cancel workshops. If workshops are cancelled by the RBSA, a full refund will be awarded. Cancellations by schools and colleges are non-refundable