Stephen Butt ARBSA

27 May — 13 July 2019

Two Styles One Theme

Matisse once said an artist should never be a prisoner of himself or of a style, this I hold to be true particularly in the multicultural world of the 21st century.
In this exhibition, Stephen continues to explore the manmade city in harmony with or opposition to nature. The show includes two different styles of working, exploring the introduction of the figure - and therefore a narrative - and the introduction of oil painting.

Stephen says: ‘My conversion back to oil paint, partly due to studying David Cox in Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery has allowed me to represent a stronger form of realism and naturalism, which in turn lends itself to a narrative aspect.

‘The introduction of animate forms is conceived more as arranging players within stage sets as opposed to reacting to natural circumstances.

‘This often brings about an ‘oblique narration’ by which I mean, an action or story line which cannot quite be discerned but which is never the less inherent in the work.’

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Key Dates

  • Ground Floor
    27 May — 13 July 2019

    Solo Show