New Curators 2015: Exploring Drawing

02 November — 28 November 2015

Inspired by the importance of drawing to the RBSA’s nineteenth-century founders, this exhibition examines the diverse and sometimes unexpected ways in which contemporary RBSA Members, Associates and guest artists use drawing in their work.  

Exhibitors include: Caroline Ali RBSA, Paul Bartlett RBSA, Steve Evans ARBSA, Paul Hipkiss RBSA, Natalie Lee, Arthur Lockwood RBSA, Jennifer Pardoe NWA, Abbie Williams.

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The RBSA New Curators project began in 2011 and provides volunteers with the chance to curate, interpret, install, and promote an exhibition of original artwork by Members, Associates and guest artists. The aim of each annual New Curators exhibition is to gain fresh perspectives from emerging arts professionals and to provide valuable work experience to help each volunteer develop their career in the arts sector.

This year’s New Curators are: Fay Andreas, Cordelia Smith, and       Nick Yarroll. Fay completed a degree in fine art, during which time she developed different approaches to drawing; Cordelia recently finished a PhD in the history of art, which focused on the changing function of art within society from 1830 - 1930; Nick also has a degree in fine art, specialising in sculptural installation.

Key Dates

  • Gallery 1
    02 November — 28 November 2015

    The RBSA New Curators’ exhibition examines the different meanings and uses of drawing in the work of Members, Associates and guest artists.