Meet the Artist: Linda Nevill ARBSA

16 March 2019

Linda has collaborated with Emma Purshouse and Jane Seabourne over many years creating art inspired by poetry and poetry inspired by art. Meet Linda during her ground floor exhibition on Saturday 16th March. There will also be a live poetry performance from 2pm-2.30pm. 

In this collection of etchings Linda has explored a wide range of ideas including different aspects of landscape, still life, flamingos in captivity and football as a man’s game. She works also with contrasts to create social comment.  For example, the brightly lit clothes shop windows with their haughty, disdainful models and the homeless woman seated outside.  Or the blue, temporary tented homes set up in front of a block of flats where people live in heated accommodation with televisions and fridges and appliances.

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11am - 1pm

2 - 4pm

To coincide with Linda's ground floor show

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    16 March 2019

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