RBSA collaboration highlighted at MAP3 launch

20 November 2019

RBSA and Midlands Art Papers

Last week saw the launch of the latest edition of Midlands Art Papers (MAP) at The Herbert Art Gallery and Museum in Coventry, celebrating some of the innovative projects happening across the region. With contributions from RBSA Gallery’s Natalie Osborne and Jennifer Wilbur, this special issue focuses on Inclusion, Disability and Access in the Arts.

RBSA collaboration highlighted at event.

The final phase of RBSA’s ongoing collaboration with Sense - a charity dedicated to improving lives for people living with complex disabilities, was highlighted through guest speakers from art organisation Ha, Andrea Hannon and Rob Hamp NWA. They’ve been working with Sense art-maker Stuart and Sense charity shops across the West Midlands to create interactive sculptural installations that will be exhibited at Sense TouchBase Pears early next year. Titled #Re-Store, this phase has linked charity shops, customers and Sense service users through an ambitious programme of arts interactions. Talking on issues such as eliminating barriers to working practices for artists and makers with additional needs and employing a flexible working practice on the project raised thought-provoking questions amongst the audience made up of artists, gallery and museum professionals, academics and students, with conversations continuing after the event.

Find out more through the Ha blog:

+ Ha blog: https://titleha.wordpress.com/

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Sense art-maker with Rob Hamp NWA

Making Together Mentor Project - What's happening now?

Exhibition at TouchBase Pears: Our Making Together Mentor Exhibition, displayed at RBSA Gallery earlier this year is now on public display in TouchBase Pears. Featuring work by Sense art-makers and RBSA artists, the show will be on display until 30 December 2019.

#Re-Store #Re-Tale: Our project with Sense is now in its final phase, with new sculptural artworks to be exhibited early next year. The works will be created from items donated by the public through Sense charity shops and aim to highlight Sense art-maker Stuart’s love of music and rhythm as well as the invaluable contribution that the charity shops and donating public have given to the project. The exhibition will be on display at TouchBase Pears from 27 January – 27 March 2020.

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