RBSA and Sense - Together again!

07 February 2019

Sense 2019. medl. Olivia Swniscoe

(Photo by Olivia Swinscoe Photography)

We are delighted to be working with Sense (Charity No. 289868) again in 2019.

Artists Karoline Rerrie and Annette Pugh ARBSA have been busy delivering art workshops at the Touchbase venue in Selly Oak. Artists Fran Currie RBSA and Olivia Swinscoe NWA have also visited Touchbase to make sketches and take photos.

Later this month, we will have a multi-sensory exhibition of the artwork created by Sense art-lovers, alongside the sketches and photos by Fran and Olivia. The exhibition will then tour to Touchbase and be on display there.

There are other parts and stages to our collaboration with Sense - more to be revealed later! Articles will be posted on our Art Blog and social media pages so be sure to check them out!