RBSA and Sense: Making Together

31 July 2019

What are RBSA and Sense up to?

The RBSA and Sense TouchBase Pears have been working together since 2017 to develop understanding on how artists and care professionals can work together to design high-quality art experiences that are inclusive for all, including art-lovers and art-makers living with complex disabilities.

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Making Together...

This year, we were delighted to receive funding from Arts Council England for our 'Making Together' project. 'Making Together' involves three phases:

Phase 1 was a an exhibition of artwork created by Sense TouchBase Pears participants with artists Annette Pugh ARBSA and Karoline Rerrie during drop-in art workshops. Artists Fran Currie RBSA and Olivia Swinscoe NWA also took part by creating painted portraits and photographs to record the sessions and key moments of connection between the Sense art-makers and artists. Click here to find out more about the exhibition of the work created 

Phase 2 involved artists Annette Pugh ARBSA and Karoline Rerrie mentoring Sense art-makers Yiannis and Marteena through one-to-one art workshops. Through this more focused and in-depth contact, Yiannis and Marteena were supported to design and create a series of their own original printed artworks, enabling them to try out different ideas and work on a piece over a longer period of time. The artwork created will be exhibited at RBSA Gallery in September this year. Click here for details. Fran Currie will also include new portraits based on the mentoring sessions. 

Phase 3 involves Sense art-maker Stuart, Sense charity shops, and artists Rob Hamp NWA and Andrea Hannon - who form art partnership Ha. Together, they are gathering donated items to re-use and re-work them into sculptural artworks. During this process, Ha are also gathering and documenting the feedback from charity shop staff and those donating items to help put the Re-Tale into Retail! An exhibition of the material gathered and work created will be on display at Sense TouchBase Pears in 2020.

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Help us spread the word!

We want as many people as possible to know about the excellent artwork being made and the wonderful interactions taking place. Therefore, we'd really appreciate any likes, shares, or comments that you can make. 

You can find out more and receive updates by following on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and blogs. 

+ Twitter: @rbsagallery, @titled_ha, @touchbasepears

+ Instagram: @rbsagallery

+ RBSA Art Blog: https://rbsagallery.blog/

+ Ha blog: https://titleha.wordpress.com/ 

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Visit us!

The RBSA Gallery and Sense TouchBase Pears are open to all. We are free to visit and aim to make everyone feel welcome. 

If you would like to arrange a visit or group visit to the RBSA Gallery, please do not hesitate to contact us on rbsagallery@rbsa.org.uk or 0121 236 4353. We are happy to provide a welcome tour and have a handling collection that can be used for visitors who would like more tactile-based information. We have detailed access information available here (e.g. how to reach us, transport links, wheelchair access, toilet facilities, etc.)

For information about the range of services and resources provided by Sense TouchBase Pears, please visit their website here.

Thank you

This project is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.We would also like to thank everyone involved, including:

+ The Sense art-lovers art-makers

+ The artists: Annette Pugh ARBSA, Karoline Rerrie, Rob Hamp NWA, Andera Hannon, Fran Currie RBSA, and Olivia Swinscoe NWA

+ The Sense Arts Team, Trading Team, and support staff

+ The Sense charity shop staff and volunteers

+ Everyone who has supported the project by visiting the exhibitions, sharing information, providing feedback, or making a donation.

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