Printmaking Possibilities

15 January 2011

Check out page 4 in the latest edition of Printmaking Today! Gordon Shaw RBSA has been experimenting with the possibilities and application of i-phone art for the last three years. As some of you may know, his talk at the gallery was featured on Midlands Today in 2010 and his i-phone prints have been selected for numerous Open exhibitions.

His exploration of this subject has been of great interest and debate to printmakers, who are considering how to categorise or place original prints made by using digital means. Paul Hipkiss RBSA, Honorary Curator of the RBSA and experienced printmaker, highlighted this in his letter to Printmaking Today. The letter and an example of Gordon’s work were included and Gordon has been approached by a PhD student studying the use of digital technologies in art.

We believe Gordon’s work demonstrates the variety of artists represented by the Society and the relevance of the RBSA Gallery to contemporary art. We look forward to showing more of Gordon’s work in future and will be interested to see what other galleries and artists make of the discussion and research stimulated by the article.