RBSA and Sense: Making Together

31 July 2019

What are RBSA and Sense up to? The RBSA and Sense TouchBase Pears have been working together since 2017 to develop understanding on how artists and care professionals can work together to design high-quality art experiences that are inclusive for all, including art-lovers and art-makers living with...

Volunteer Awards now open!

09 July 2019

Volunteer Awards now open!

The West Midlands Museum Development Network want your nominations! Read their exciting Volunteer Awards information below... The work of the many dedicated volunteers at more than 130 museums across the West Midlands is truly incredible and we want to tell the world about it - with your help!We are...

RBSA and Sense - Together again!

07 February 2019

(Photo by Olivia Swinscoe Photography) We are delighted to be working with Sense (Charity No. 289868) again in 2019. Artists Karoline Rerrie and Annette Pugh ARBSA have been busy delivering art workshops at the Touchbase venue in Selly Oak. Artists Fran Currie RBSA and Olivia Swinscoe NWA have also...

RBSA Outreach

26 January 2018

RBSA Outreach

Working towards making the visual arts more accessible to all... The RBSA is an artist-led society that supports artists, art buyers, and arts enthusiasts. One way in which the Society does this is through its RBSA Gallery, which displays art, sells art, and provides free access and events to help...

School Visits, Prizes, and PVs!

17 June 2016

It has been a very busy week of school visits, degree show PVs, and prizes!   School Visit - Hodge Hill Girls School and Broadway Academy As part of our 'New Curators: Sculpture' project, we delivered free workshops to several school groups. These sessions were led by Annette Pugh ARBSA, Wayne...