Val Pitchford

Val  Pitchford

Val has always worked in design. Her desire to paint professionally came to fruition after studying at the Lydgate Art Research Centre. Val works full-time from her studio in the Malvern Hills. She was elected as an associate of the RBSA in 2008 and as a member in 2010. Her work is continually displayed in galleries in the Midlands and London. It is also held in collections in Europe and America. A recent Cork Street Exhibition was well received. Val was a Prize Winner at the 2008 ‘Discerning Eye Exhibition’ at the Mall Galleries, London. If her work was to be categorised, ‘Abstract Impressionism’ would be the best description. She aims to embody a sense of immediacy and freshness, distilling something of the majesty of the landscape through form, colour and exploratory use of paint. She is greatly influenced by the art of Henri Matisse.