Kathryn Pettitt

Kathryn  Pettitt

Kathryn trained at Oxford Brookes and Coventry universities. She makes jewellery, sculpture, textile pieces and stained glass. Exhibitions have been held at Touchwood Shopping Centre and Solihull Library and Arts Complex. She worked as a lecturer at Solihull College and is now a freelance tutor giving talks and demonstrations, as well as publishing within her field. Kathryn’s current work deals with skin. Concealed under clothes, skin acts as a mediator between the inner self and the external world. Kathryn’s work is intimate and formed around herself. Through casting her body, she makes something transient rigidly solid. The fragility and preciousness of physicality is explored in delicate embroidery. By challenging traditional ideas concerning beauty and longevity, Kathryn’s art explores the limits of the fragile.