Dennis Minchin

Dennis  Minchin

Dennis trained at the Birmingham College of Art and the UCE. He was elected as an associate of the RBSA in 1980, and as a member in 2003. He has exhibited at various locations including the Ikon Gallery, the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and Taksu Gallery, Malaysia. Prizes won include the Cadbury Drawing Scholarship and the Pastel Society ‘Inscribe’ prize. Dennis has conducted personal research into Islamic Architecture and Pattern and Japanese Wood Block Printing. As a starting point for his work, Dennis uses famous portraits. Whilst altering the meaning of the image, he endeavours to pay homage to the artist’s skills. Large parts of Dennis’s painting stay close to the original, but the figures are transported into an exotic, colourful world alongside another figure from a different time. Animals and objects act as symbols to signify ideas such as human strength and frailty.