John Scott Martin

John Scott  Martin

After a long career in graphics, art direction, printing and photography, John returned to his first love, painting, about fifteen years ago. He was elected as an associate of the RBSA in 1999, as a member in 2001 and was its President from 2009 to 2013. Cornwall, and specifically the mining districts of West Penwith, have provided a constant source of inspiration. In the last decade, John has become increasingly interested in the sea, sail and ships. He loves painting classic yachts, barges and small crafts. Photographs are vital for John’s artistic process. Especially since he lives in Warwickshire – about as from the sea as you can get in England! John’s choice of media depends on the individual subject. Structure, texture and content determine whether he uses collage, acrylic, pastel, ink or mixed media. He always tries to communicate his own personal impressions of light, atmosphere and weather when painting a specific time and place.