Malcolm Franklin

Malcolm  Franklin

Malcolm studied at the University of Wolverhampton before gaining a Master’s degree in Site-Specific Sculpture at Wimbledon School of Art. In the last ten years, he has taught at several colleges. He was elected as an associate of the RBSA in 2009 and as a full member in 2011. His sculptures have been displayed in Leamington Spa, Shrewsbury, and various locations in London including Spitalfields Market. In 1995, St George’s Hospital commissioned two works. Malcolm’s prints have been shown in Bulgaria, China and Egypt. A fascination with the uncertain relationship between the mechanical and the organic underpins Malcolm’s work. His sculptures draw on the shapes and forms of tools and agricultural objects. Malcolm relishes the physicality of carving and its relationship with space. Precision and craftsmanship are essential to his work. Malcolm additionally experiments with lithographs, collagraphs and dust drawings.