Sally Brookes

Sally  Brookes

mixed media

Fruit bowl in breakfast kitchen II

Sally is a practicing artist and teacher who graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 1994. Her work has evolved from textiles and embroidery responses to multi-media art incorporating collage, texture, surface manipulation and light. She was elected as an associate of the RBSA in 1998 and a full member in 2006. Her subject matter ranges from natural fruit forms, rooftop views and landscapes to abstract self-interpretation. Sally’s influences are centred around the arts and crafts movement and she takes particular inspiration from artists such as Gustav Klimt, C.R.Mackintosh, Egon Schiele and later the Bloomsbury artists and the Bauhaus designers. Her use of these influences is loose and involves the play of pattern, asymmetry, light and composition with the use of plaster, glue, gold leaf and iridescent materials to create reflective surfaces.