David Walton

David  Walton

David E Walton

Instestinal microvilli

Between 2009 and 2010 David worked on a set of pastel drawings which he entitled, The Boundary Series. These abstract images lie beyond the range of normal sight and are only visible through histology, magnetic resonance images, light micrographs, etc. This topic was a departure from David’s usual interest; life drawing, portrait drawing, mixed media abstract paintings, etc. As he said, “I wanted to find new dynamic compositions and researching the subject meant viewing hundreds of images, selecting those with strong structural content, cutting, combining, rearranging and interpreting. The advantage of working on a series, as Anthony Caro explained, is that when seen together, one work criticises another.” Of the group, David framed fourteen drawings and at the end of May 2010 exhibited them at the R.B.S.A. In June 2010, the School of Medicine and Dentistry acquired the complete set of David’s drawings, as part of the University of Birmingham’s permanent collection.