Make an Archive Enquiry

Archive queries

The Archive Team welcomes enquiries from academic researchers and members of the public. Our dedicated Archive Team volunteers can provide the following services:

  • Perform a search for information regarding past Members, Associates and exhibitors at the RBSA, from 1814 through to the present day. Archival material includes past exhibition catalogues, press cuttings books, and photograph albums.
  • Send copies of facsimiles of all relevant archival material via e-mail or post.

Enquiry fee 

A basic query costs £20.

More detailed queries, such as a complete exhibition history for an artist or artists, cost an additional £20 per day/ 7 hours spent on the research.

All archive fees contribute to the maintenance and organisation of the Permanent Collection and Archive.

Visiting the Archive and             Permanent Collection

Due to health & safety and security reasons, we do not normally allow visits to the Archive and Permanent Collection. However, we are sometimes able to accommodate visits in person by professional researchers. All visits are subject to approval by the Director of the RBSA Gallery, need to be arranged well in advanced, and are supervised by a member of the RBSA’s Archive Team.

The fee for visits is £20 per visit, which contributes to the maintenance and organisation of the Permanent Collection and Archive.

Contacting the Archive Team

If you would like to make an enquiry, or enquire about arranging a visit, please contact the Archive Team by email at or in writing at the address below.

The Archive Team
RBSA Gallery
4 Brook Street
St Paul's
B3 1SA

Please note: the Archive Team is made up of a small group of part-time volunteers. They work on one enquiry at a time in the order of which they are received and paid for. Therefore it can take 7 weeks or more for them to respond to an enquiry.