Collection Films

The RBSA Permanent Collection consists of over 600 works by past and present Members and Associates of the RBSA and artists who have a connection with the Society or the Midlands. It includes paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture, ceramics and jewellery. The policy of requiring newly-elected Members to donate a ‘Diploma Work’ ensures that the Collection continues to grow. There is also an aim to fill historical gaps when possible, such as the purchase of the Lines family sketchbook in 2005.

The Collection Films project develops upon our existing Highlights of the Collection project by providing information via film and audio to increase accessibility for a wider range of audiences. The films below feature a range of individuals who have been involved with the RBSA via collaborative activities, volunteer opportunities, or research projects. Unless stated otherwise, all filming and editing was done by Archive Team Volunteers Nigel Priddey RBSA and Isabella Frostick.

The Collection Films project began in 2016 with funding from the West Midlands Museum Development Small Grants Scheme, Audience Development 2015. We also received support from CVP, who kindly discounted some of the technical equipment required for filming, and James White, who provided training and technical support.

We want this to be an ongoing project and we hope to add more films in the future.

Brendan Flynn OS

Film 1 -                                                                       Brendan Flynn, RBSA Professor of History of Art

An interview with the Honorary Professor of art history at the RBSA, Brendan Flynn, about the history of the RBSA and its artists.

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James Priddey

Film 2 -                                                                             Nigel Priddey RBSA, current Archive Officer

RBSA Member Nigel Priddey discussing the etching Christchurch Passage by his father James Priddey.

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carol white

Film 3 -                                                                                Carol White and David White RBSA, retired Archive Officers

An interview with retired Archive Officers Carol and David White. David is also a Member of the RBSA and in this interview he discusses a collection of prints from the RBSA Collection. These works were featured in 'Baker to Bartlett: The Changing Face of RBSA Printmaking'

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Ayesha Hussain

Film 4 -                                                                                   Ayesha Hussain, Archive Team Volunteer

An interview with Archive Team Volunteer, Ayseha Hussain, about her experience volunteering at the Gallery and how students can interact with the RBSA Collection. Ayesha also discusses a selection of the works of Aubrey Beardsley from the Collection.

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Ian and Peter

Film 5 -                                                                                 Ian Reynolds and Peter Beasley

An interview with Peter Beasley and Ian Reynolds discussing how visual impairment impacts the way they interpret and experience art galleries as well as how they produce their own art. Ian is a tutor at Focus Birmingham and Peter is a regular attendee to Ian's art class.

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Image -  © The Artist’s Estate

Film 6 -                                                                              Faith Whitehouse, Gallery Assistant

An interview with past RBSA Gallery Assistant, Faith Whitehouse about why she selected Trevor Denning's painting RBSA Gallery, New Street  for her BA History of Art dissertation topic in 2015. Faith also discusses the benefits for students when selecting an artwork  from a local collection.

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