Adopt an artwork

Many treasures from the RBSA's collection cannot be exhibited due to their fragile condition. Adopt-an-Artwork is a fundraising scheme which offers you the opportunity to help towards restoring artworks in urgent need of conservation in order to bring them back to their former glory.

How to adopt an artwork?

All you need to do is choose the artwork you would like to adopt (see the list below), click the red button below, enter your chosen amount and donate using your card or PayPal account. We will then contact you to confirm details, see below.

Although we would be overjoyed if a single donation could cover the full cost of the specific conservation (detailed below), we’d also be delighted to receive smaller donations which together could fund the work required.  Why not join forces with friends, family or colleagues for a group adoption? We are immensely grateful for all the support you can give*.

What happens once I have made a donation?

Once we have received confirmation of your donation we will contact you to confirm details such as the name of the artwork that you would like to adopt, the name under which you would like to be acknowledged or whether you wish to remain an anonymous donor, the length of your adoption, whether you would like to gift aid.

What are the benefits?

For a period of five years the artwork will be labelled with your name as its adopter in recognition of your donation. You will also receive public acknowledgement (if wanted) each time the work is put on display as well as online (see the gallery of adopted artworks below). In addition you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped to preserve a part of the RBSA’s unique heritage for future generations to enjoy.

Artworks available for adoption


1. Skateboarder by Anthony Sawbridge RBSA

Adopt this artwork in urgent need of reframing at a cost of £40.



3. Rocks at Llanberis by Roy Abell RBSA.

Adopt this artwork in urgent need of reframing at a cost of £100.

Artworks that have been adopted


Teeming British Steel, Bilston by Harry Eccleston RBSA has been adopted by the Dutiné-Takui family.


Portrait of Henry Moore by Lyall Watson RBSA has been adopted by Viv Astling.



Seascape by Norma Rhys-Davies RBSA has been adopted by Viv Astling and David and Carol White.



The Races by Joan Woollard RBSA has been adopted by an anonymous donor.


Kim Kempshall. Rockpool. Lg Thumb

Rock Pool by Kim Kempshall RBSA has been adopted by Viv Astling.

* Where donations are smaller or greater than the amount required, the RBSA will attempt to fund the difference or place the donation in a fund
for general conservation use.
All framing costs are based on quotes provided in 2015. If framing costs differ to the original amount quoted, the RBSA will attempt to fund the difference or place any surplus in a fund for general conservation use.

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